1st Innovation Guild:
On the path to improving Silver livelihoods

Date: September 26

With an aim of giving rise to collaboration across sectors and industries, the first Systemic Meeting gathered different experts in order to come up with solutions to improve the seniors’ lives.

“Why don’t I feel like eating anymore?” 

That was the topic story discussed at INCluSilver’s first Systemic Meeting regarding nutrition for the Silver Population. Loss of appetite is a common concern amongst seniors, who often do not know whom to speak to about this matter and how to go about it themselves.

But how do you deal with this issue? How do you improve the livelihoods of the seniors? 

Answer: Open innovation that results in business ideas. 

“What I particularly like about this approach is that it connects experts from completely different backgrounds with each other to address and potentially even solve issues that are of a very complex nature”, says Amanda Allvin, Head of Communication and Consultant at Healthy Marketing Team in her feedback on the first meeting.

The basic concept of the INCluSilver Innovation Guilds is to gather experts from different levels and backgrounds in order to discuss an issue in a systematic approach. Occurring patterns are discussed in order to extract overall themes – themes that may form the basis of new innovative business ideas.

More knowledge, socialisation, physical activity and education were amongst the concrete ideas from the expert panel:

  • Activating and socialising the senior
    • Could we make a social platform with different kinds of social activities for them to join
  • Being proactive
    • Could we spread more knowledge about how the seniors can prevent possible health issues when getting older?
  • Concealing treatment
    • Could we make supplements more attractive and fun and thus eliminate the association to treatment?

These were just some of the ideas that arose, which illustrates that there is certainly not a clear-cut solution in preventing the seniors from losing their appetite. 

72-year-old Martha and 81-year-old Frank

The basis for the discussion revolved around the stories of 72-year-old Martha, 81-year-old Frank and other real stories of seniors. Thus, trying to understand the background and actual reasons for the stories played a vital role in the development of solutions.  

However, the complex nature of these stories can be seen as merely highlighting the importance of addressing them. Innovative actions need to be taken, and bringing together experts from different departments, sectors and industries may be how radical solutions are brought to life.

Join the Innovation Guilds

Do you want to be part of the Innovation Guilds? The next Guild Session will be focused on the producers’ side of the food industry. The topic will revolve around the shortcomings of “Diet and Food production” and “Logistic, Design and Packaging Solutions.” If you are interested in improving these areas and want to discuss them with other experts, please contact Sabrina Deforge at: deforge@agropolis.fr.